The reaction of the Russian politicians and businessmen to the publication of “the Kremlin’s list”

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS./ The downsizing of relations between Russia and the United States to zero would be a complete nonsense, so Moscow is to refrain from answering the so-called “Kremlin report” of the Ministry of Finance of the United States – Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the publication of the document, which includes almost all the Russian leadership. Have mentioned in the list of representatives of political and business circles of Russia, his appearance caused mixed reactions: some are perplexed, others consider getting on the list as a recognition to the Russian Federation, others mockingly called the report “the phonebook”, but grief does not Express one.

Horny pike-dragons from Omsk surprised the British

Horny pike-dragons from Omsk surprised the British The British media drew attention to the unusual images of pike-a mutants with four horns made of the Omsk fisherman. Photo of fishes was published by the Daily Mail. The British called catch the Russians “mysterious” and “terrifying”. Since when are we having pike with horns in Siberia? Underwater ‘dragons’ caught in Irtysh river, Omsk region — The Siberian Times (@siberian_times) January 29, 2018 During the download an error has occurred. Locals suggest that the cause of the mutations could be pollution from the nearby fishing locations Tarski mining and processing plant for the extraction of zirconium. Some believe that the blame fell in the taiga stage launch vehicles: about such cases, regional media reported in 2012. The Daily Mail also referred to the study by Dr. Strassman (E. J. Crossman), member of the anglers Club of great Britain, which says

The Ministry of health negotiates the bill to ban the sale of alcohol drunk

The Ministry of health negotiates the bill to ban the sale of alcohol drunk MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. The bill, which contains new rules on the alcohol trade, which would limit its sales strongly drunk citizens, is under inter-Department coordination, said RIA Novosti in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. The office proposes to introduce amendments to article the Federal law from November 22, 1995, governing the sale of alcoholic beverages and restricting their consumption. The document proposes that the organizations and individual entrepreneurs the right to refuse retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of catering services to persons in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In addition, it is proposed to allocate in the shops for alcoholic beverages special places: departments, sections, premises — so that their demonstration “was carried out separately from other types of products and goods, and the demonstration site was

In Egypt, met the tallest man and smallest woman in the world

In Egypt, met the tallest man and smallest woman in the world MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Two of the defendants in the Guinness Book of records met at the Egyptian pyramids at the invitation of the Council of Egypt for tourism, reports the newspaper Metro. Thirty-five year old farmer from the Turkish Sultan Kesen is considered to be the tallest man in the world: its growth is 251 cm. The “giant” made up of AMCA Jyoti from India, recognized by Guinness World Records smallest woman in the world for the growth of 62 cm. Champions participated in a photo shoot to attract tourists to the Egyptian sights. It is noted that growth Cesena is associated with the pituitary tumor. Because of the disease his body is producing too much growth hormone. Twenty-four resident of India suffering from achondroplasia — a hereditary disease resulting in dwarfism due to underdevelopment

In Australia kangaroos on-the-fly hit a cyclist

In Australia kangaroos on-the-fly hit a cyclist MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. In the Internet appeared video in which a kangaroo has hit a cyclist in Australia. Entry published channel CGTN. The incident occurred in Queensland, filmed familiar to the victim. The footage shows how a group of cyclists rides on an empty road. Suddenly out of the bushes appears an animal and jump on a fly hit by a woman. After that the kangaroo disappeared. During the download an error has occurred. As a result of hitting the pavement the cyclist sustained injuries to the shoulder and knee, she was taken to the hospital.

Why not capture the boarding passes and concert tickets?

Why not capture the boarding passes and concert tickets? Harmless pictures of the boarding pass, keys or concert tickets can jeopardize your journey, to deprive of property, and not to give you the opportunity to hear a favorite performer. AIPPI explains why all this can happen. Boarding pass A photo of the boarding pass can benefit. Seeing your data (ticket number and passenger name), they can go to the “My booking” and to access passport data, contact email address and phone number. With their help, you can change the settings of your booking, in particular, transplanted to another place and even to withdraw from the flight. Not to get into such a situation, it is not necessary to publish photos of the ticket that shows name, date of birth, ticket number or barcode. Attackers can also obtain all the payment details, including the last four digits of the credit card.

The strangeness of “the Kremlin list”. Who did not get into it?

The strangeness of “the Kremlin list”. Who did not get into it? Not included in the list of States Nabiullina, Chubais, Kudrin. What will happen with businessmen and government officials, whose names appeared in the list? Or yet, conversely, concerns they have? “The Kremlin list”, published in the United States, was so large and containing so many famous names from the government and from business, the media and experts began to analyze the list to determine who didn’t get there. In the list were the heads of two dozen heads of state corporations, however, such as the General Director “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais. There is also no Chairman of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Chairmen of the constitutional court and the Supreme court Valery Zorkin and Vyacheslav Lebedev also not listed. In the open list is not ranked, the CEC