Why not capture the boarding passes and concert tickets?

Why not capture the boarding passes and concert tickets?

Harmless pictures of the boarding pass, keys or concert tickets can jeopardize your journey, to deprive of property, and not to give you the opportunity to hear a favorite performer. AIPPI explains why all this can happen.

Boarding pass

A photo of the boarding pass can benefit. Seeing your data (ticket number and passenger name), they can go to the “My booking” and to access passport data, contact email address and phone number. With their help, you can change the settings of your booking, in particular, transplanted to another place and even to withdraw from the flight.

Not to get into such a situation, it is not necessary to publish photos of the ticket that shows name, date of birth, ticket number or barcode.

Attackers can also obtain all the payment details, including the last four digits of the credit card.

Concert tickets

Posted in social networks photos of the concert ticket gives an opportunity to fraudsters to copy the barcode and go to a concert for you. Even if part of the barcode or QR code, partially lubricated, the fraudsters will be able to restore it using a special correction system. Therefore, at the entrance to the theatre or concert hall you are not launched with the words that by this ticket already someone has passed, it is better not to lay them before you took his place.

Car keys or apartment

Posted a photo of keys from a house or car provide an opportunity to fraudsters using a program for automatic design and 3D printer to make a duplicate. After receiving the key, the fraudsters can easily calculate — the same social networks, for example, the location of cars and apartments and steal a car or Rob you.