The strangeness of “the Kremlin list”. Who did not get into it?

The strangeness of “the Kremlin list”. Who did not get into it?

Not included in the list of States Nabiullina, Chubais, Kudrin. What will happen with businessmen and government officials, whose names appeared in the list? Or yet, conversely, concerns they have?

“The Kremlin list”, published in the United States, was so large and containing so many famous names from the government and from business, the media and experts began to analyze the list to determine who didn’t get there.

In the list were the heads of two dozen heads of state corporations, however, such as the General Director “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais. There is also no Chairman of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

Chairmen of the constitutional court and the Supreme court Valery Zorkin and Vyacheslav Lebedev also not listed. In the open list is not ranked, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova, there and the heads of public channels Konstantin Ernst and Oleg Dobrodeev, the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan. In addition, the U.S. bypassed the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to TASS, “the Kremlin report contains an Appendix, which includes figures or lower in rank, or have a status less than $ 1 billion. Their names are not yet known.

Adviser to the President on the development of online German Klimenko, appeared in the list, told Business FM that not upset because of the inclusion in the list:

Like a normal list. This is not a list of flayers, not a list of perjurers, eaters of children. This is the list of those who effectively work for the country. All good, I would even say. I expect that work will just become more and all. No special negative stories definitely not. I have no money and deposits abroad. Friends are all welcome.Herman Klimenko, adviser to the President on the development of the Internet

The sanctions law ordered the US administration to include in the “Kremlin report” much more information than currently published. The content of the list was kept secret — it’s the sanctions permitted by law. The US Treasury said in a confidential applications can be specified and the Russians as less than 1 billion and are not in public office. In addition, the document notes that being on the list does not necessarily mean that Washington has incriminating information about the defendant.

Diana Lesnichaya discussed, “the Kremlin list” Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Igor Yurgens:

— For example, for politicians it can be a threat for later, when and if Washington decides to expand sanctions. As for the business that was included in the list of Tinkoff. If he would not now shake hands for foreign businesses?

— The same threat like the politicians you rightly said. The architecture of the sanctions, if I understand correctly, is conceived as gradually tighten the noose. First it was the Ukrainian sanctions and, in General, developed they were even Barack Obama. Fairly mild — in the hope that policy will change in relation to the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Not work. So they have been reinforced. Then they were reinforced by more stringent methods when there was a suspicion about our intervention in elections in the United States. Now this architecture works. So she announces first, a wide range and a very wide range of threats. Then she konkretisiert. And now here’s another more than 200 people, which from their point of view, I think, needs to think about the fact that if they do not reconsider their policies in relation to the defence of the order, cooperation with the secret services, his public behavior, then start what you were saying. That is, “We will begin to look at you compromising, we know where your money is, and we will compress this loop until such time as it is the deterrent effect of the law on sanctions will not begin to affect”. Well, strictly speaking, to be honest, the number of statements of our corporations that they cooperate with the military industrial complex will not be or come from the Crimea, probably, from the point of view of the Americans is the beginning of a deterrent effect.

— And those who are not affiliated with politics in an obvious way? Friedman, for example.

Yes, it is. I’m not ready to do personal tests, because it helps the enemy. The fact that there are very intelligent people. I repeat, four years lasts. And works there as the CIA and the state Department, and financial intelligence of the Ministry of Finance and the entire Finance Ministry, and other agencies. Therefore, their message: if you support the policy, which is now being implemented by the leadership of the Russian Federation, there is nothing wrong with you patriots, but know that this will be followed by one or the other. In an extreme bad case, what we did with the Bank Paribas in transactions with Iran, was fined $ 6 billion. Nothing — only political business.

— Can we say that the inclusion in the list of businessmen, summarising them with the same brush, it devalues the list?

— You rightly said that there is a secret part. It will not be disclosed, but, of course, the secrets they are keeping not very good, so we that will be known fairly quickly. But in the classified section, there are certain measures point to certain people. The fact is that, if you remember, that’s “operation Roldugin” or that this whole “Panama”, timely filed in connection with the intensification of hostilities, particularly in the Ukraine, this part of the operation, and the operation is that, guys, now we know you have vulnerabilities, nearly everyone, well, it happened just and international and domestic financial law. So, look, choose, will have enough strength and unity to carry out all these operations is the big question. There is no unity in the administration of one position, Democrats in Congress and the Senate — the other, and the Republicans third. Surely there are industrial lobbies. We are not sitting idly by, all have their friends and lobbyists in Washington. But the list, as you rightly said, table of contents, those who need to think from the point of view of Americans, it is released.

— It turns out, the defendants in until you can breathe again? Direct sanctions is not, but the pencil took, roughly.

— You know, take this pencil is in itself a risk which should calculate the financial. Under the new loans, with new offerings, with new mergers and acquisitions this pencil is that, if you break off, it hits you right in the artery or in the eye, God forbid, not the finger.

— How to react to our elites — not outwardly, but behind closed doors?

— They are behind closed doors have long to discuss it. Hire consultants, calculate exactly what you are asking. And what are the risks, what to do, what not, in order not to get even, not themselves, but corporations, under hard skating rink. This public performance Gref, so I can quote. On one of the forums, when he asked the question: “Why don’t you work in the Crimea, Sberbank withdrew from the Crimea?”he said, “You crazy-then don’t go because of sanctions against Sberbank is the sanctions are not against me, but against virtually the entire financial system of the Russian Federation”. This is a serious reaction that, of course, the outside world will not be translated, because you understand the political consequences of this broadcast.

Before the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov described the report as “a direct and obvious attempt to coincide with some action for the elections of the head of state to influence them”. He added that “any impact will not.”