Chinese scientists edit the DNA of people

Chinese scientists edit the DNA of people In China scientists in 2015 conducts research on changing human DNA. According to the Wall Street Journal, studies have been made possible due to the flexible legislation. The publication notes that in other countries similar experiments with genetic modification of humans is illegal, and Chinese scientists succeed greatly in this matter. The investigation began after findings that, in particular, cancer is caused by changes in the structure of human DNA. Specialists of China trying to fix the gene mutated in the disease cells, returning them to their original state. It is reported that according to the law, in China it is possible to carry out experiments on volunteers. In 2015 the study involved 86 people, mostly cancer patients. The portal wrote that Chinese scientists have successfully cloned a monkey in the same way as Dolly the sheep. The researchers grew two clones

On Board disappeared in the sea of Japan the vessel there were 20 people

On Board disappeared in the sea of Japan the vessel there were 20 people Missing in the sea of Japan the fishing ship “Vostok” was 20 people and not 21 as previously reported, say in the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office. “According to preliminary data, fishing vessel “Vostok” owned by OOO “DV-FLOT” (Nevel), have made the transition from the port of Dong Hoi (Republic of Korea) in the sea port of Kholmsk (Sakhalin oblast) with a crew of 20 people”, — stated in the message of supervising Department. Earlier, referring to the number of agencies it was reported that the crew is 21 Russian seaman, all inhabitants of Sakhalin island. On behalf of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office checks the implementation of legislation on Maritime safety in connection with the emergency incident with the fishing vessel, the report said. As reported, fishing vessel

What is said in Davos about the future of the American sanctions

What is said in Davos about the future of the American sanctions Future American sanctions — one of the main topics that discuss Russian participants of the Davos forum. Talked about this at the session devoted to Russia, and on the sidelines of the forum. Before the publication of the “blacklist” of high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen close to the leadership of the country, less than a week. Until 29 January us Treasury must submit to Congress a report on “major foreign policy figures and oligarchs” and their relations with Vladimir Putin and members of the “Russian ruling elite”. So according to the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATS). “Many here [in Davos] ask if I’m afraid to get into the sanctions list, but I don’t understand what could be the reasons, — says CEO of “SIBUR” Dmitry Konov, the participant of the Davos

The DPRK addressed to the entire Korean nation

The DPRK addressed to the entire Korean nation MOSCOW, 25 Jan — RIA Novosti. North Korean authorities appealed to the entire Korean nation call for the easing of military tensions between Pyongyang and the South, according to the KCNA. The unification of the Korean nation, according to the report, is a major challenge. It is noted that North Korea and South Korea must decide on the reunification of the country. Pyongyang emphasizes that the intervention of third parties in this matter is unacceptable. North Korean authorities also propose to reduce criticism of the country from rocket and nuclear programs of the DPRK, which, according to Pyongyang, has not prevented the improvement of relations between North and South. Pyongyang also call upon the Korean nation to oppose the United States, which, as noted, provoke a nuclear war. The DPRK also proposed to intensify contacts between the North and the South humanitarian

Elton John quits touring

Elton John quits touring Britanski, musician Elton John announced the end of touring after 50 years on stage. The latest series of performances will be One Last World tour, which will begin in September 2018. This was announced at the meeting in representation of the company YouTube a special press conference was broadcast simultaneously in London and new York. According to sir John Elot, his priorities in life have changed, and in the first place now are family and children. Last year sir Elton spent two days in intensive care and more than a week in the hospital. As announced by his managers, the reason was a potentially fatal bacterial infection, which he received during a tour of Latin America. Musician had to cancel nine concerts in Las Vegas and California. However, in 2017, Elton John appeared as himself in the Comedy Thriller “Kingsman: the Golden ring” and played 87

Son of Vladimir Vysotsky told about the attitude of the young generation to the father

Son of Vladimir Vysotsky told about the attitude of the young generation to the father Vladimir Vysotsky — the author, who is necessary for young people. About it in exclusive interview “news” said the poet’s son, actor and bard Nikita. “The perception of Vysotsky today’s young people, of course, not the same as it was in my generation and contemporaries of his father. Youngsters have their own picture of the world… But I am sure that Vladimir Vysotsky ever take your place in it”, — he said. According to Nikita Vysotsky, it is necessary to maintain communication between young people and the future. “I’m sure that Vysotsky — the author, who desired the young man, a part of life. This does not mean that his work is necessary to push by force and to force schoolchildren to sing his songs in unison. But it can and should be promoted”, he

Thankless job destroys the health of

Thankless job destroys the health of If you give work your all, but don’t get from his superiors neither praise nor reward, you are guaranteed chronic stress. A new study by scientists from its Eindhoven University of technology (the Netherlands) published in the journal psychoneuroendocrinology is. The researchers collected hair samples from 172 volunteers, about half of which are “killed” at work, and the rest worked in less strenuous rhythm. The scientists analyzed samples collected on the level of “stress hormone” cortisol. The release of this hormone occurs in an emergency situation when we are talking about life and death. As a result of the spike in the level of cortisol in the body starts reaction “fight or flight” dramatically increases blood sugar, slows digestion, and there are other biochemical changes that helps to cope with stress. These changes are useful for short-term stress, but when stress becomes chronic, high

Missing in the Japan sea the ship may be in international waters

Missing in the Japan sea the ship may be in international waters Submitted the distress signal in Japan sea fishing vessel “Vostok” may be in international waters. About it reports a press-service of the Primorsky territory administration. “The signal from the vessel owned by LLC “DV Fleet” (Nevelsk) in 5:01. The message at the Maritime coordination centre received from MSCC the Republic of Korea. Presumably, the ship is in international waters,” — quoted TASS the press service. It is reported that the emergency signal works about 50 miles from the seaside village of Posiet. On missing the boat headed into the sea of Japan from the South Korean port of Donghae to Sakhalin is 21 Russian seaman. Currently in the search area launched a rescue operation, which is complicated by stormy weather. Involved in searches of border guard coast guard ship and a Mi-8 helicopter of Khabarovsk air rescue center

Russian foreign Ministry: US statement on chemical weapons in Syria directed against the Congress of netdialog

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation © Mikhail Japaridze/TASS MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. US statement on the use of chemical weapons Damascus is aimed at the complication of the Congress of the Syrian acdialog in Sochi. This is stated in the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry published on Wednesday. “On 23 January, the number of senior US officials made defamatory accusations against the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic, trying to place the responsibility for incidents involving the conflict in this country of chemical weapons on Moscow and Damascus. In essence, undertaken a massive propaganda attack with the purpose of denigrating Russia on the world stage and undermine efforts for a peaceful settlement in Syria,” the document reads. “Contrary to common sense we – along with the legitimate authorities of Syria have declared responsible for the chemical attack in Eastern ghouta the Syrian January

Brazzers showed bloopers from filming porn

Brazzers showed bloopers from filming porn American Studio Brazzers released a compilation of bad and funny moments from making of porn movies in 2017. The video published on the YouTube channel Trendzz. In the video, the porn actors are confused, forget the words, laugh, hit your head, unsuccessfully trying to tear the shirt on the chest of the partner, dancing and fooling around on camera. “We present a compilation that combines the fun and funny moments that occurred on set last year,” reads the video’s description. During the download an error has occurred.