Chinese scientists edit the DNA of people

Chinese scientists edit the DNA of people

In China scientists in 2015 conducts research on changing human DNA. According to the Wall Street Journal, studies have been made possible due to the flexible legislation.

The publication notes that in other countries similar experiments with genetic modification of humans is illegal, and Chinese scientists succeed greatly in this matter.

The investigation began after findings that, in particular, cancer is caused by changes in the structure of human DNA. Specialists of China trying to fix the gene mutated in the disease cells, returning them to their original state.

It is reported that according to the law, in China it is possible to carry out experiments on volunteers. In 2015 the study involved 86 people, mostly cancer patients.

The portal wrote that Chinese scientists have successfully cloned a monkey in the same way as Dolly the sheep. The researchers grew two clones from the same macaque. They were called Junjun and Huahua from the Chinese word Zhonghua, meaning the people.