Trump expressed an unwillingness to tolerate more nuclear and missile development of the DPRK

Donald Trump

The era of “strategic patience” of the United States against North Korea over. This was stated on Friday, June 30, the us President Donald trump, reports CNN.

The head of state noted that the DPRK authorities “don’t care about the safety of its citizens, and residents of neighboring States that do not respect human life.”

According to the White house, Washington begins to implement a “range of measures in the areas of diplomacy, security and economy” in order to achieve the cessation of nuclear and missile development of the DPRK.

The us leader also urged countries to join the sanctions against Pyongyang, according to RIA Novosti. He added that the US is closely cooperating with South Korea, Japan and other partners on a range of diplomatic, economic measures and measures in the field of security.

The President noted that this is done in order to “protect U.S. citizens and allies of Washington from North Korea.”

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is very tense. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides on yet another nuclear test. In response, the DPRK said that in this case, yourself carry out a preemptive strike.

Later, the US said that they intend to provide to the DPRK diplomatic and sanctions pressure, as well as attract China to action that will compel Pyongyang to abandon missile and nuclear programs.