The British foreign Ministry has urged Moscow to establish customers of murder of Nemtsov

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain has urged the Russian authorities to establish and bring to justice the instigators of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the foreign Ministry on Friday, June 30.

“The foreign Ministry supports a family of Boris Nemtsov in their calls for full investigation relatively customers of his murder”, — stated in a press release.

Also, the foreign office stressed that the responsibility for the crime are not only located at the dock.

On 29 June, the jury in the Moscow district military court convicted all the five defendants on the episode about the murder of a politician.

In the opinion of the Board, the crime was committed Zaur Dadaev together with Anzor and Shadid Gubarevym, Temirlan by Eskerhanova Khamzat by Bakievym and the person against whom the criminal case was terminated in connection with his death (Beslan Shavanov).

The guilt Dadaeva, of which the consequence considers as the executor of the murder, have voted 10 of 12 jurors. The involvement of the others also recognized the majority of the members of the Board. None of the five defendants do not deserve leniency, says the verdict.

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in Central Moscow on 27 February 2015.