Russian scientists had offered to go part-time

Russian scientists had offered to go part-time

Subordinate FANO institutions mass transfer of scientific employees in part-time employment. The reason — lack of money for implementation of the may decrees of Vladimir Putin on increasing salaries.

In the research institutes of guide offers employees a “massive shift” to part-time, reported by the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO).

Thus, the Agency implicitly acknowledged the claims of scientists that came to the rally on June 28. No one forced the scientific establishment to massively cut rates to employees, insist the Agency. The purpose of the FANO — transfer to part-time employment only those who are not working full time.

To avoid formal translation, the Agency held several meetings with heads of institutions and the trade Union of the RAS. The press service of the Agency said that after this optimization in FANO will be able to calculate how much you need extra funds to run one of the may decrees of President Vladimir Putin — bringing the average salary of scientific workers in Russia to 200% of the average for the region.

In fact often happens fictitious reduction of rates, said RBC researcher of the Physical Institute. P. N. Lebedev Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS) Evgeny Onishchenko. This is happening in multiple institutions: it is about the transfer of an employee from full rate to half or quarter while maintaining the same remuneration. Onishchenko added that he himself was transferred from full rate to half, and the money continued to pay the same.

At the meeting on 28 June, scientists told RBC that this situation at least in three institutes: in addition to the LPI, is an Institute of Organoelement compounds, A. N. And Nesmeyanov Institute of organic chemistry. N. D. Zelinsky.

About problems at the Institute. Nesmeyanov RBC announced the three employee. “Begins to operate [the system of fictitious cuts] already transferred the heads of laboratories at the rates of 0.2, by the end of the year transferred,” said one of them.

An employee of the Institute. Zelinsky said that all employees will soon be transferred to a 0.4 bet.

At the Institute of synthetic polymeric materials to them. N. S. Enikolopov this option is being considered, says the current Agency staff. “[Bet] not yet reduced, but it is discussed. Directorate resists much as you can,” said RBC senior research fellow, Institute of geography RAS Vyacheslav Super.

Moscow hosted a meeting of scientists

“Money employees will no longer pay because they have Institute just yet, but the average salary after such action rises sharply, two, three, four, five times. Depends on what part of the bet transferred employees” — explains the logic of the leaders of the institutions of the country.

This approach allows to formally implement the may decree. Onishchenko agrees Deputy Chairman of the Moscow regional organization of trade Union of the RAS Nikolay Demchenko. According to him, despite the desire FANO to count all spending on academics and depending on the obtained result to identify how much more money you need to execute the decree, all the Directors of the institutions and without these additional funds are required to meet certain goals.

In case of failure the organization has not received the annual “award” which is usually found in the additional payments to the scientists. Therefore, the leaders are forced to look for a way out and many have resorted to the scheme with a fictitious reduction indicates Demchenko.

The head of the FIAN Nikolai Kolachevsky confirmed that the additional payments to institutions in the case of target achievement. But he insists that LPI no fictitious reductions, which would be justified solely by a desire to improve the situation with the average salary. By decree of FANO, the decision was made for each individual employee individually: depending on experience, the amount of time he spends on a job, etc. Kolachevsky recognized that the reduction in rates any scientist salary he was not always reduced. “It’s very colorful. A total of 730 academic staff. Of these, about 220 full-time, 200 part-time, etc.” — said Kolachevsky.

The Director of the Institute. Nesmeyanov Aziz Muzafarov refused to respond to a request RBC, head of the Institute. Zelinsky, Mikhail Egorov is on vacation.

The assistant Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who is responsible in government for the development of science, Aliya Samigullina told RBC that the distribution of bets is exclusively the competence of the Directors of scientific institutions.