Resigned after complaining Putin, the head physician of the Murmansk region decided to leave

Vladimir Putin

The chief doctor of the Apatity-Kirov Central city hospital Yury Shiryaev will remain in his position despite complaints of the inhabitant of Apatity (Murmansk oblast) to the work of the medical facility during a straight line President Vladimir Putin. This was the Shiryaev said “the”.

“Today withdrew his statement [of resignation from the post of the chief physician],” he said. His decision, he explained the support of the staff and local residents, as well as a desire to “finish what you start.”

Shiryaev decided to leave the post on June 20, soon after observed in the hospital anabaena Daria Starikova complained June 15 in the direct line with Putin on the low quality of rendered medical care and no hospital in her town: the residents apatites have to travel for treatment in Kirovsk.

The girl was diagnosed with cancer, which developed in the fourth stage, while before that it was wrongly treated from intervertebral osteochondrosis. The Investigative Committee after a complaint Starikova Putin opened a criminal case on the facts stated by her, and the cancer patient was transferred to the regional hospital.

He Shiryaev, on 21 June said that the low quality of health care, the guilty officials and deputies who held positions in the 1990-ies. The inhabitants of Apatity and Kirovsk supported Shiryaeva. In social networks there are groups in support of it.