Israel responded with an air strike on a random fire from Syria

Aircraft of the Israeli air force struck at Syrian army positions in the Golan heights. On Friday, June 30, according to Haaretz.

The RAID destroyed the mortar. Air operations were a response to the random shelling from the Syrian side that occurred in the area earlier on June 30. On the Israeli-controlled territory, nobody has suffered.

The incident was the fourth such incident in the last week. On 27 June the Israeli air force in response to the shelling of the territory of the country, struck at the two objects of Hamas in the Gaza strip. Two similar incidents occurred on June 25.

The Golan heights, for half a century controlled by Israel, is one of many disputed territories in the middle East. From 1944 to 1967, they belonged to Syria, then during the six day war were captured by the Jewish state and subsequently annexed. The UN Security Council has recognized the incident as illegal. Both Israel and Syria consider the Golan part of its territory.