Donald trump proclaimed a New U.S. energy policy

Donald trump proclaimed a New U.S. energy policy

US President, Donald trump declared today the “new American energy policy”, according to Reuters.

“We are gathered here today to mark the beginning of a new American energy policy,” said trump, at an event in the Ministry of energy.

“We are going to export us energy to the world,” he said. Thus, according to him, such exports will be expected to reinforce U.S. influence across the globe.

Trump has announced plans to expand LNG deliveries to Asian markets and coal — to Ukraine, as well as the intention to remove restrictions on the granting of American loans to foreign coal projects.

The us President indicated that his administration will try to find new ways for the revival of the nuclear energy sector in the United States. It is expected to conduct a study to find out how to make nuclear energy more competitive and solve the problems of waste.

It was also announced about the new program oil and gas development on the shelf.