Unknown rammed the gates of the residence of the President of Brazil

Michel Temer

Unknown car brought down the fence of the Palacio da Alvorada — official residence of the President of Brazil Michel Temer. The head of state at that time, there was not, according to the portal Globo.

The attempted invasion of the Palace was made late Wednesday evening, June 28. The guards opened fire on the car when he drove into forbidden territory. The driver was detained, and the residence surrounded.

Police investigate the incident.

On 27 June the chief Federal Prosecutor of Brazil’s Rodrigo Janot filed charges against Temer in receiving a bribe. It is directed to the Supreme court. This charge is expected to be the first in a series of alleged episodes of corruption against an extremely unpopular leader of the country.

Michel Temer, who had been Vice President, became head of state in 2016, after the impeachment of Rousseff. The Senate authorized her removal from office for financial irregularities. It is assumed that Temer will govern the country until January 1, 2019, when the was supposed to expire presidential term, Rousseff.