Russia at the Moscow international film festival: buy carp in the bag without a bottom

Russia at the Moscow international film festival: buy carp in the bag without a bottom

At the Moscow film festival held the premiere of Russian films — participants of the main competition.

Moscow. June 28. INTERFAX.RU — the Main competition of the Moscow international film festival traditionally eclectic in its genre and geographical representation. In this year of the 13 paintings in it were three Russian works. Each premiere was held in “October” with the full house — crowds of spectators, journalists, guests in front of the cinema, in the lobby, on the stairs, in the corridors, in the hall. The closeness and the excitement everywhere was accompanied by wanting to watch domestic films, however, expectations are not always justified.

The first was shown a picture of “Buy me” Vadim Perelman. American filmmaker of Ukrainian origin has already been noted by critics — for example, the film “House of sand and fog” with Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley was honored with three nominations for “Oscar”.

A new film tells the story of a girl Kate (Julia Hlynina), who is studying at the faculty of Philology and going for an internship in Paris to study the work of Khodasevich.

So thinks the mother of the main character. In fact, at the airport Kate sends mom home, not to wait three hours until the flight to the French capital, and she flies to the United Arab Emirates to build a modeling career and “to be photographed in bathing suits”. However, the illusion dissipates immediately after arrival, when her more experienced girlfriend opens her eyes — the girls are taken to Dubai for a photo shoot, and that they were entertained by the Arab sheikhs.

However, she did not succumb to “difficulties” and rushing ahead in the truest sense of the word. Then the heroine returned to Moscow, and Kate decides that since she’s “studying in Paris” to continue to experiment — to have fun with friends in clubs and live on the contents of the rich men.

They say that the inclusion of this film in the main competition of the festival were long debates. In fact, the picture seems too neat and glossy, and the story is too familiar — a story about the thirst for success that drives young girls from Moscow and from the province (talking about girlfriends Katie, with whom they rented an apartment in a residential area of the capital) is not new.

But at the same time, partly due to the notorious “prilichnom” glamour and verified personnel, Perelman manages to present the story differently. Forced to empathize with the heroines, despite the fact that the logical conclusion of the story becomes predictable almost immediately and that the final doll of the heroine picked themselves.

Quite far from the glamour and gloss of the other competition film: tragicomedy “Carp frostbitten” Vladimir Kotta.

This picture is about the teacher from the provincial town of Elena Mikhailovna (Marina Neelova), who unexpectedly learns about the deadly diagnosis.

Director without any embellishment, flavoring occurring vigorous generous pinch of black humor, tells us how strongly the character is taken during the preparation for his funeral, to simplify the solution to all problems for your ever-busy son Oleg (Yevgeny Mironov), who had not seen for more than five years and who works in Moscow. Along with new worries, the heroine receives a gift of a huge carp, which changes the course of her life.

Scott at a press conference admitted that he was surprised that the film was selected in competition of the festival, because the creators did not go on the way sophisticated film language, and wanted to tell a simple human story. As it turned out, they succeeded in both.

The shooting took place near St. Petersburg in an abandoned village syasstroy — the frozen time, the city zero. In the ribbon, everything happens slowly, under the rhythmic sounds of the accordion or the cello. Town, where everything about each other know all, lives by its leisurely rules. The exception is the girlfriend of the main character performed by Alisy Friendlich — sprightly grandma who all find the answer, and even going to smash his unprintable shades of the great and mighty.

Despite a tragic fact of history, the creators got to do a good, warm and touching movie — friends who, despite the daily bickering, always a shoulder to lean on or a hand son, who even under the curtain, but is aware of its connection to the house. The film will release in the fall of rent, so the General public will have the opportunity soon to look at the history of Neelova, Freundlich and Mironov.

The culmination of the “Russian presence” in the main competition of the festival was the premiere of the film “Bag without a bottom” by Rustam Khamdamov.

Even to enter the building of the cinema “October” was tough — as claimed by the organizers, all the seats in the hall were completely sold out.

Going to the premiere, obviously, not only movie lovers, but also close to the art of people — Hamdamov known as Director, writer, and artist. He became the first Russian artist whose work was accepted in the modern collection of the Hermitage. In addition, the paintings Hamdamova are in the collection of the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum of Zimmerly University of Rockers (USA), the National gallery of Ravenna (Italy) and in numerous private collections around the world.

And in his new black-and-white picture, which was filmed a few years, the Director paid special attention to detail and play with light. The tape is put on motives of the story Ryunoske Akutagawa “In the thicket” that is based on the movie “rashomon” by Akira Kurosawa.

Hamdamov changed the sequence in which the story takes place during the reign of Emperor Alexander II. The maid of honor of the Prince’s Palace (Svetlana Nemolyaeva) tells Prince tale that takes place in the XIII century and tells the story about a mysterious murder of a Prince in the woods. The participants of history, the witnesses of the crime tell different versions of the incident different from what happened in reality.

In fact, without the synopsis and ignorance of the original story is very difficult to understand what exactly it is — the picture looks more like improvisation, the story of the parallel, unrelated stories. The impression that the Director just admiring the petticoats, the corsets, the water in the pond, the rustle of the leaves and feed light.

In the film a minimum of words (frequently the action takes place as if in a silent movie) and extremely beautiful costumes. You can admire the fabrics and patterns on them, headdresses and shawls, as if you were in a tale of a lost time. By the way, the story of the XIII century, which tells Nemolyaeva, looks like an adaptation of the epic paintings of Vasnetsov and refined the painting “the Swan Princess” by Vrubel.

It should be noted that despite the excessive “malleability” of the action and difficult for foreign understanding of the outline of the story, the jury of the festival Ornella Muti and Reza Mirkarimi steadfastly I watched the movie until the credits roll.

Whether they liked the picture will become clear on Thursday — winners of the 39th Moscow international film festival will be held at the closing ceremony of the competition June 29.