Peskov told about the decision of questions after


RIA Novosti

It is physically impossible to resolve every question that is sent to “straight line” President Vladimir Putin, however, for all appeals, broadcast, compiled the list of orders already signed by the head of state, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“The straight line is a joint project of two TV channels — channel one and RTR with all the different resources and issues that come to the project, they certainly are analyzed, measures are taken, but each of these references cannot be handled personally, because legally it is not an official appeal to the President of the Russian Federation. These questions collect still, the organizers of the project”, — said Peskov on a question, whether practiced at the Federal level popular questions, unaired, in particular, the question of preservation Chelyuskinskaya forest in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi.

He noted that to comment on the situation around the forest can not, but the problems that were announced during the live broadcast, included in the President’s instructions, which is signed by the head of state. According to Peskov, collections, prepared and sent to various departments, heads of regions, who will have to analyze this array”.

“It is physically impossible to resolve every problem that was marked in the array that has more than 2.5 million applications”, concluded Peskov.