Patrushev noted the difficult water situation in the East of the Crimea



The situation with water supply of population and enterprises of the Crimea remains difficult, especially in the East of the Peninsula. On Tuesday, June 27, said the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolay Patrushev at exit meeting in Simferopol, reports “Kriminform”.

“In the sphere of providing the population and economy of the Crimean Peninsula water resources situation is quite complicated. Total water intake in 2016 has decreased five times in comparison with the 2014 year”, — said the head of the security Council.

The reasons he called natural facts and the steps the Ukrainian side, which three years ago blocked the North Crimean channel through which received up to 85 percent of fresh water. Patrushev said that at the moment solved the problem of water supply of the southern coast, Central and Northern parts of the Peninsula.

“Continue to disturb the existing problems of providing fresh water to the Eastern part of the Peninsula. Its supply in some places is carried out in a limited regime,” he explained, adding that water scarcity constrains socio-economic development of the region. According to officials, a 92 percent reduced the area of irrigated land, suffer from fish farms and industrial enterprises.

Patrushev urged to optimize water consumption and to use alternative options, for example, desalination of sea water.

At the end of April in Kiev said that Ukraine has completed the construction of a new dam, which was “completely cut off arid the Crimea from the Dnieper water.” The Crimean Prime Minister, Minister of internal policy, information and communications Dmitry Polonsky, in turn, commented on this statement: “well, what country, and such projects”.

In 2014, after the Crimea became part of Russia, Kiev began to cover the locks of the canal, through which water from the Dnepr entered the Peninsula. After the start of the water blockade of the Peninsula began to use internal sources of drinking and technical water supply.