Virus Petya began with Ukraine, said in ESET

Virus Petya began with Ukraine, said in ESET

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Virus Petya began with Ukraine, which more than other countries suffered from cyber attack, the message at the ESET virus lab.

“The outbreak seems to have started in Ukraine”, — said the company.

According to the rating of the company for the countries affected by the virus, Ukraine has suffered the greatest harm.

On the second place among the affected countries is Italy, the third — Israel.

The top ten also included Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Czech Republic and Germany. Russia in this list occupies only 14th place.

Earlier on Tuesday the company Group-IB explained that the virus ransomware Forex has caused large-scale attack on the oil, telecommunications and financial companies of Russia and Ukraine: it locks computers and demands for unblocking the amount in bitcoins equivalent to 300 dollars. Later, the head of the international research team of “Kaspersky Lab” adds Costin (Costin Raiu) said the spread of the virus around the world.

Antivirus company “Doctor Web” announced that recorded cyber attacks on several companies of Russia and Ukraine with another virus-the cipher, a way of “breeding” which is different from the virus-ransomware Petya. In particular, the Trojan is distributed independently and sensational WannaCry. Accurate data on the use whether the same mechanism of distribution yet.