The media found the connection between the blown in Kiev Colonel and killed by Voronenkova

A member of the Ukrainian intelligence service and direct subordinate of Colonel Maksym Shapoval, who was killed in a car bombing in Kiev, supervised the security of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov. About the Agency UNN said a source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, Shapoval know about the process of protection of Russian politics, who was shot dead in the Ukrainian capital on March 23. At the same time, the source did not link the two murders.

The Colonel was in the Mercedes, which blew up in Solomenskiy district of Kiev on the morning of Tuesday, June 27. The incident qualified as a terrorist attack. The investigation was transferred to the chief military Prosecutor’s office.

According to unofficial reports, the victim or led the special forces of the main intelligence Directorate, or was chief of the reserve Gur. The defense Ministry said only that the fuller — the intelligence officer and the interior Ministry reported that the victim was a current soldier in 1978.

As a result of blasting of the car also injured passers-by, a woman born in 1990, and the man of 1946 year of birth. They have shrapnel wounds. Both provided assistance on site.

The type and power of the bomb is not yet established. According to preliminary information received by the UNN source in law enforcement bodies, all were three explosions: the first took place in the tank and two in other parts of the machine.

Federal Agency news (FAN) released a video of the crime scene.