Russia has developed a road map for solving the problem of North Korea

Igor Morgulov

Moscow has developed a “road map” for solving the problem of North Korea and are ready to discuss it with partners. This was stated by RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Igor Morgulov.

The diplomat noted that the ultimate objective is “the formation in North-East Asia of lasting peace mechanism with the simultaneous decision of problems of the Korean Peninsula including its denuclearization”.

Morgulov also noted that Pyongyang must be given security assurances that in the future will allow it to abandon its missile and nuclear programs.

According to him, Moscow is promoting a similar initiative, acting “in coordination with the Chinese partners that are concerned with what is happening on the Korean Peninsula.”

In early June, the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution expanding sanctions against North Korea for missile tests.

The last launch was conducted on June 9, when North Korea tested several anti-ship cruise missiles.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is one of the most intense topics of international politics. It was reported that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korean military targets if Pyongyang decides on yet another nuclear test. In response, the DPRK said that in this case, yourself carry out a preemptive strike.

Later, the US said that they intend to provide to the DPRK diplomatic and sanctions pressure, as well as attract China to action that will compel Pyongyang to abandon missile and nuclear programs.