RAS is proposed to eliminate the graduate school of education

RAS is proposed to eliminate the graduate school of education

Moscow. June 27. INTERFAX.RU — Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) proposed Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation to “play back” the reform of postgraduate study 2012, removing it from the system of higher education.

“I think, colleagues, we must admit that there was haste made in the modernization, reform of graduate school, and I go back to our normal, familiar science graduate school”, — said the acting President of Sciences Valery Kozlov at the joint meeting of the Russian Union of rectors and wounds on Tuesday, referring to the head of the Ministry of education Olga Vasilyeva.

The graduate school should be, first and foremost, the scientific concept to young people.and.about. President Ravlery goats

Acting President of the Russian Academy of Sciences in his speech said that with the inclusion of postgraduate studies in higher education — now this is the third level of higher education alongside bachelor and master programs — the institutes problems.

Postgraduate studies in academic institutions have always been, said the academician, however, under the new rules, the institutions have to prepare new documents: first, to obtain a license as an educational organization, and second, to obtain the state accreditation of educational programs for graduate students. If universities in the preparation of such documents is a routine activity for the institutions of the RAS is not the proper function.

As a result, said Kozlov, the number of graduate students in academic institutions is falling, that jeopardizes the training of scientists and the implementation of the Strategy for scientific and technological development of Russia till 2025, approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

According to Kozlova, only in the mathematical Institute. Steklov, where he works, the number of graduate students fell four times — from 20 to five.

The reason being that the Institute could not accredit educational programs.

“We used to have fellowship never dropped below 20 people, now five people, we have the license, but we failed to accredit our program. Not the form we came to this. This omission? Of course, the omission, but is it our problem? This is a systemic problem,” said Kozlov.

The graduate school became the third stage of higher education according to the education act of 29 December 2012.

Question about graduate school for academic institutions, as reported by “Interfax”, was raised in June during the meeting of academics with Russian President Vladimir Putin.