Merkel told about the ritual in hotels

Angela Merkel

At the meeting with readers of the magazine Brigitte, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she does, once during business trips in the hotel. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

“The first thing I see, is it possible to open the Windows or go out onto the balcony. Often the room is high, for example on the 27th floor and the Windows cannot be opened. Then I look where there is air conditioning. Depends on if I can sleep well (…). Then look for where the light is turned off”, — said the head of the German government.

Merkel also added that it is important to check whether there are in-room Internet access.

As noted by Deutsche Welle, the Chancellor explained that usually likes to stay at the same hotels.

German media reports that Merkel is inherent in the discreet charm of the “ordinary German woman”, who in his spare time, he travels to the shops on the VW Golf and grows outside of the city vegetables. Besides, the whole of Germany knows that the main Frau country perfectly prepared. Once the Chancellor became the heroine of the culinary telecast. At the head of the government in the company of Housewives shared the secrets of cooking your favorite dishes — potato soup and the famous German roulades (rolls of meat).