KCNA called the policy of trump’s American version of Nazism

Donald Trump

The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) published a statement in which he compared the policy of the US President with the methods of control used by the Fuhrer of the Third Reich. About it reports The Telegraph.

KCNA says that the strategy of Donald trump’s “America above all” is aimed at “infringement of the sovereignty and rights of other peoples to development”.

The Agency also notes that migration policy in the White house “denigrating America” and “no different from racist policies of fascism.”

The authors also urged “all Nations to fight against the hegemony of the United States.”

In recent years, relations between Pyongyang and Washington is even more aggravated because of the death of an American student, Otto Warmbier.

The young man held in a North Korean prison for nearly a year and a half and was returned home in a coma. After a few days Warmbir died. The US President called the student a “victim of the cruelty of the North Korean regime”.