Guardian: Russia accused of cyber attack on the British Parliament


RIA Novosti

Russian government suspected of masterminding a hacker attack on a computer network of the British Parliament, reports the Guardian.

The first reports of the attack appeared on Saturday 24 June. According to The Telegraph, MPs were unable to use remote access to email. The official representative of the Parliament said about the hacking of not more than 90 accounts (according to Sky News, less than 1% of the total number of users). According to him, the owners of the compromised accounts used weak passwords in spite of the instructions.

In “struck” by the network working all parliamentarians, including the Prime Minister Theresa may and members of the government.

British intelligence agencies assume that the incident most likely is not a little group of hackers-individuals, but a foreign government. In addition to Russia, suspicions fell on North Korea, China and Iran, notes The Guardian.

“It was a tough power attack, apparently planned by the state”, — told the newspaper source in the security structures.

In February, British political parties have requested the assistance of intelligence agencies, appealing to the media reports that Russia has allegedly interfered in the electoral process in the United States. Then the head of the centre for cyber security Cyran Martin assured the applicants that the service “will take custody” of electronic communication of the parties and their database.

Western policy periodically accuse “Russian hackers” of meddling in the election. Such statements were made, in particular, representatives of the US Democratic party and the President of France Emmanuel macron.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of this nature. In the Kremlin called them “completely unfounded”. President Vladimir Putin noted that the United States around the world interfering in other people’s political processes, but are offended by Russia, which allegedly influenced the American elections, when in fact such intervention is not to Moscow’s sense.