United Russia will manage without the quotes of President

United Russia will manage without the quotes of President

The party will go on elections with the local agenda.

“United Russia” do not use in the regional elections campaign technique which was successful in preparation for the primaries and during the election campaign without quotes Vladimir Putin. United Russia explain this by the presence in each region of its political situation. The expert notes that the Governor’s campaigns selected “more effective method is personal visit of the President in the regions”.

According to “Kommersant”, the candidates for Governor and the deputies from “United Russia” during election campaign will not be able to use the same propaganda as on the primaries: there will be quotes President Vladimir Putin (all programs almost agreed c the leadership of the party). In the Perm branch of “United Russia” Kommersant confirmed that the quotes Vladimir Putin to use will not. Surrounded by the acting Governor Maxim Reshetnikov “y” said that but the active use of all the “promises” of the President, for example, for the development of the digital economy. The campaign will be titled “Manage along” to the regional website with the same name, citizens can file complaints and report problems. The PR people take into account that for residents of the area direct election of the Governor — an event which in the region was not 17 years (the last izbraukuma in 2000, the head of the region was Yuri Trutnev).

In Udmurtia placed billboards with quotes acting Governor Alexander Brechalov (parallel part in the parliamentary elections). They have quotes of the acting, but there is no mention of “United Russia”, nominated him. The emphasis in the campaign will also be done at the Federal connection of a new Chapter: July 2, the leadership of the Udmurt Republic will hold in Moscow the national holiday honoring labor and love for the land “Gerber”. To support Mr. Brechalov invited Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and the President of the Duma Committee on culture Stanislav Govorukhin, with the world champion in rapid chess Sergey Karjakin they will hold a simultaneous games with chess players from Udmurtia.

The slogan of the election strategy, acting head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov told “Kommersant” press Secretary of the local branch of “United Russia” Irina Dolgova, will be the words “Together, step by step to make a better life!”. In the heart of the campaign lies the message, the acting head of the government and plan for the next five years.

In the Saratov region, where the election of Governor and deputies, the emphasis will be on effective interaction between United Russia and the Federal authorities. At the conference on 24 June, the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergey Neverov has reminded that in “the initiator of many artproekta is the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, and some Federal projects were born in Saratov land.” According to the Governor Valery Radaev, all Saratov deputies of the state Duma, as odnomandatniki and spisochnik (with the exception of the speaker), will lead the regional group on elections in ZS.

Program acting Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvasheva “five years of development,” according to the leader of regional United Russia Victor Shepty has already been implemented by the party. “In January, he published a programmatic article “the Tipping point”. Responding to it is considered. The program the Governor discussed in municipalities with 3 thousand party members during the primaries, it could be called folk,” he said.

As explained by Kommersant’s source in the “United Russia”, the regional campaign is traditionally held by the party relying on local circumstances and the election program of the party, and that is the most effective strategy.

No problem to arrange quotes our leader, no. But each region has its own strategy, all different political situation, and President Putin for the party primary. Therefore, areas where there is at least some risk of impact on his rating, his image in the campaign to use would be wrong. Therefore, there is a uniform solution for all.

As reported by “Kommersant” on may 26, quotes the President United Russia was actively using on the eve of the primaries (campaigning in the primaries not governed by the law, therefore, approval is not required), in the end, the turnout was higher than before the elections to the state Duma.

Quotes of the President decided not to use for a number of reasons, says analyst Catherine Kurbangaleev. “This season will have a local campaign and using President’s rating will look “as from a gun on sparrows”, she says. It is unclear how to justify the need to use these quotes (and within the Duma campaign it was not easy). Besides not yet determined whether to link so closely in less than six months, the image of the President and the party”. The expert reminded that the Governor’s campaigns chosen a more effective method is personal visit of the President elected in the regions.

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