In California chose the ugliest dog in the world

In California chose the ugliest dog in the world

At the fair SONOMA-Marin in the American city of Petaluma, California, chose the most ugly dog in the world. This publication reports The Press Democrat.

The winner of the annual competition, held in the 29th time, became red-eyed Neapolitan Mastiff named Mar, from head to toe covered with skin folds. “Look at her, then about 300 pounds of skins, 100 pounds dog,” commented the judge. Mar weighs 57 pounds and most of the time sleeping. However, she snores loudly.

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Except Martha, the competition was attended by 12 dogs. One of the contenders for the title of ugliest dog suffered from strabismus, the other bald, the third dog was crooked legs. Veterinarians examined each participant and made sure that their appearance is not associated with abuse or neglect.

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The competition is held since 1961. According to the organizers, it is designed for Pets who will never win on a normal dog, but also deserve love and care. This year the winner was awarded $ 1,500 and a trip to new York for a meeting with the press.

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