Prince Harry spoke about the desire to renounce Royal privilege

Prince Harry spoke about the desire to renounce Royal privilege

Moscow. June 25. INTERFAX.RU — Britain’s Prince Harry said that at some point was so disappointed in the Royal family that was thinking about the waiver of all privileges in order to “live a normal life.” He told this in an interview with the Daily Mail.

But the Prince, who is 5th in line to the British throne, in the end, decided to stay and to find his calling and his place in the Royal family. He stressed that a special role was played by his devotion to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

However, he warmly recalls the time spent in the army, naming service, the best break that he got. 32-year-old Harry for 10 years he served in the army twice traveled to the British contingent in Afghanistan. In 2007, he had to return, after the media reported exactly where he is. It jeopardized the lives of not only the Prince, but of the whole of its parts.

“I understand people from different backgrounds, I felt they were a team,” said Harry, stressing that the army he felt that he had achieved something.

Returning to Britain, he was actively involved in charity work, including the support of war veterans.

He noticed that the Royal family doesn’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities, and wants to use his influence for good deals.

Last week Newsweek magazine published an interview with Prince Harry, who stated that the Royal family no one wants to be the king or Queen, but the family members are going to do everything to the monarchy and all that it represents, continues to exist.