Tornadoes in the United States has damaged the two aircraft “judgment day”

A tornado passed through the territory of the air force base of Offutt (Nebraska), damaged ten air vehicles, including two aircraft “doomsday” Boeing E-4B. This TV channel CNN said the Pentagon.

E-4B in the case of a large-scale conflict or an emergency situation become an aviation command posts for senior management, if the ground control will be destroyed. In these aircraft in case of emergency allowed the President, Secretary of defense, and members of the joint chiefs of staff. In peacetime, they move the first person in the state.

The U.S. has 10 of these aircraft, four of which are constantly ready for takeoff. The main ship was off-base, so that the incident did not affect the country’s defense.

Also during the disaster that occurred on June 16, down was withdrawn eight long-range reconnaissance Boeing RC-135, six of them have already been repaired. In addition, at the base of the tornado ripped out a few trees and damaged one of the buildings.

12 October 2016, NASA unveiled images of the damage to the infrastructure of the cosmodrome Cape Canaveral after hurricane Matthew. Then as a result of exposure to a natural disaster was damaged power lines and roofs of buildings.