Blocked path of ambulance of St Petersburg will be judged for the false accusation

The St. Petersburg police brought to court a case of false accusation against a resident of the city, blocked in his car in the path of the ambulance, reported by TASS in the press service of the regional Department of internal Affairs. To the man threatens till six years of imprisonment.

In February, he filed a statement that became a victim of assault and lost his chain, which cost 240 thousand rubles. “Police found that the fact the applicant simply made up. To be sure, he paid 1 thousand rubles Keeper grocery store, located near “the scene”, that he was a witness of a crime”, — told the Agency.

A fictional story about the attack, according to the source Agency in law enforcement, was necessary to the accused to avoid liability for traffic rules violation committed in January, when the man driving a Porsche staged a conflict with the ambulance crew.

“He refused to come to court, because it was allegedly on sick leave due to the fact that he was attacked,” — said the source.

The January incident near the house at the Novocherkassk Avenue videotaped and published online by one of the emergency doctors. The driver of the Porsche was unhappy that medics arrived to provide emergency assistance to a person, blocked the passage in the yard, and decided to prevent them from leaving.