Australia will send to the Philippines military aircraft to fight the Islamists

The Australian defence Ministry announced the dispatch in the near future, two reconnaissance aircraft to the Philippines to fight against the Islamists. This reports the South China Morning Post.

“Regional threat of terrorism posed by “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia) and foreign fighters is a challenge for Australia and our interests,” — said the head of the defense Ministry of the country the Marisa Payne.

The aircraft will carry out air reconnaissance and to coordinate the actions of government forces on the ground.

On may 23 fighters of groups “the Mouth” and “Abu Sayyaf” sworn allegiance to ISIS, captured the city of Marawi on the Philippine island of Mindanao. The next day the military moved reinforcements and launched a counterattack. In the offensive, government forces actively used armored vehicles and aircraft supporting the infantry in the street fighting.

Initially, the Philippine military claimed that the liberation of the city from the terrorists they will need a few days. However, optimistic forecasts are not met. During the fighting, which has continued to the present, has killed 369 people.