Israel banned transplant of women in the aircraft due to Orthodox

Israel banned transplant of women in the aircraft due to Orthodox

An Israeli court has banned the airline “El al” transplanted passengers at the request of Orthodox Jews, which religion prohibits to be close to women other than their wives. The lawsuit was filed by 83-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust.

The reason for the trial was the claim to the airline’s 83-year-old Renee Rabinowitz, who was able to survive during the Holocaust.

The Jerusalem magistrate court eventually ruled that such requests violate the laws of discrimination.

Although the airline claimed that they never forced the passengers to change seats upon the request of the Orthodox.

The reason for the suit was the case on Board aircraft company “El al” when Renee Rabinowitz flew to tel Aviv from new York airport in Newark.

The woman took his seat in business class. Soon came the man who bought the ticket at a nearby place. Seeing Rabinovich, he said a few words to the flight attendant, after which he asked the woman to move.

“I asked the flight attendant right: transplanted me at the request of the man sitting next to me? And the flight attendant confirmed it. Then I approached the man and said, I am a 81-year-old woman, what’s the problem?” — Rabinovich told his story to the British newspaper the Guardian in April last year.

The man, according to her, said that to sit beside the woman he denies the Torah. Rabinowitz later said that did not want to join him in an argument, so I agreed to change seat.

When the plane landed in tel Aviv, the cabin came the captain of the crew. Rabinovich told him about the incident, and that, according to her, said that transplant women in such cases — the policy of the company.

In 2016 Rabinovich filed a lawsuit against the airline, accusing it of discrimination. Its interests were represented in court by the Israel religious action center, who is struggling with sexual segregation.

The amount of the claim Rabinovich was 50 thousand shekels (about 14 thousand dollars). Compensation, appointed by the court, was less than 6.5 thousand shekels (about 1.8 thousand dollars).

She Rabinovich, commenting on the decision of the court, said he was satisfied and the amount of compensation, and the decision, as it will eliminate the discriminatory policy of “El al”.