Clerk in Adygea was fired because of the scandal with a fake medal daughters

In Adygea checked the statement of the graduate school that her classmate got a medal because she is the daughter of the head of the Department of education takhtamukayskiy district. The official was eventually dismissed, according to the website of the Executive bodies of state power of the Republic.

It is established that the woman had violated the law “On combating corruption” as “not reported conflict of interest during the exam.” She had no right to be as the organizer of the exam in the same paragraph, where they gave her daughter. The data archives do not question the objectivity of the examination.

The daughter is now the former official has decided to voluntarily surrender the medal “For special successes in the doctrine” — she wrote the corresponding application addressed to the Director of the school. The parent teachers ‘ meeting, and the Committee granted her request. In addition, according to the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Adygea of Antaura Karaseva, “in connection with the situation and ethical considerations,” the principal of the school reprimanded.

“After reviewing the first results of the work of the departmental Committee, the acting head of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov instructed to resume scanning of regulatory and current documents in this school”, — stated in the message.

21 June, Instagram has a video of the ceremony of the medals in the school №1 of takhtamukayskiy district. From the scene one of the girls complained that her classmate also received the award, but never answered in class, but her mother is the head of the Department of education.

In the caption to the video, the author of the post was outraged by the audacity of his friend and her mother. “You know how it feels when you spend your life working, studying, sleepless nights, ( … ), a man who never in the course of the year has not replied to any one lesson that stands with you on stage and gets you the same medal for success in teaching?” — said the graduate.

“Arguments and facts” writes that both the girls received gold medals. To become the owners need excellent grades.

After publications in Takhtamukayskiy district was sent a special Commission of the Ministry of education of the Republic “to verify information about the unfair approach in relation to one of the graduates when placing your final grades”.