VS Poland: convergence with the Board Shoigu made the Polish F-16

VS Poland: convergence with the Board Shoigu made the Polish F-16

The interception was performed in accordance with established procedures stated in the operational command of Polish armed forces.

WARSAW, June 22. /TASS/. Operational command of the armed forces of Poland has informed that the approach of a patrol of F-16 fighters NATO Russian aircraft, on Board of which was the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, over neutral waters of the Baltic sea was carried out by the Polish pilots in accordance with established procedures. The corresponding statement posted Thursday on the official website of command.

It is reported that “on June 21, the center of combined operations (Air Operations Center (COAC) announced an alert for the two on-duty Polish F-16 engaged in a mission within the air patrols of the Baltic sea region”. “They intercepted three targets belonging to the Russian Federation.” “The first was an unarmed Tu-154, and the other two — the su-27, equipped with missiles “air-air”. The interception is made in accordance with the procedures of NATO”, — informed the Polish operational command.

As we learned earlier, NATO F-16 tried to approach the plane of the defense Minister when he was in Kaliningrad. As passed, the TASS correspondent, who was on Board the ship Sergei Shoigu, the F-16 got close to the plane of the Minister of defense at the minimum possible distance and retreated only after the Russian fighter escort showed him their weapons.