The macron, called the mistake the French participation in the invasion of Libya

Emmanuel Macron

The President of France Emmanuel macron called the error part of the armed forces in an armed operation in Libya in 2011, and warned against a similar move in Syria. A fragment of an interview with a Macron on Wednesday, June 21, publishes Corriere della Sera.

“France was not involved in the war in Iraq and this was right. But she was wrong to engage in war in Libya. What are the results of these two invasions? The destruction of the state in which terrorist groups thrive. I don’t want that to happen in Syria,” he said.

The unrest in Libya escalated into civil war in early 2011. In March of that year the UN Security Council sanctioned intervention to protect civilians from loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. The bombing of the country was held as the coalition forces under the command of the United States and individual States, including France and great Britain. After the French air force strikes on the convoy in which Gaddafi, captured and killed the rebels.