The Deputy of Ulan-Ude has headed a rating of incomes of officials

The Deputy of Ulan-Ude has headed a rating of incomes of officials

The Deputy of city Council of Ulan-Ude took first place in the ranking of the income of civil servants, compiled by Forbes. According to the publication, in 2016 a family income Vadim Bredny amounted to 2.8 billion rubles ($46 million).

According to the publication, ownership of the regional parliamentarian and his wife of more than 20 plots of land, five houses, two of which are in Thailand, cars, snowmobiles, boats and Motorboats. Total income of the couple for 2016 has made more than 2.8 billion rubles ($46 million).

A member of the party “United Russia” Vadim Nonsense was elected Deputy of the city Council in 2009. In the past he was engaged in business in 1995 Address it opened a food wholesale center “Titan”. Now in the same group of companies includes the retail network, fishery, meat processing factory, a pastry shop, a restaurant and a fitness centre.

Spouse Vadim Srednego holds the post of managing Director of the company “Titan”. In the previous Forbes ranking Deputy of Ulan-Ude were not included.

Second place was taken by Senator Valery Ponomarev, who, according to Forbes, is the co-owner of the fishing company “okeanrybflot”, one of the largest industrial enterprises of Kamchatka.

His family income for last year edition is estimated at 2.6 billion rubles ($43 million). In the previous similar list in 2015 Ponomarev took 23rd place with a score of 373 million rubles ($6 million).

Third in the ranking — the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Family income, according to the calculations of publication, in 2016 amounted to 2.3 billion rubles ($38 million).

The presidency of the Republic Minnikhanov has held since 2010, prior to that, he headed the government of the Republic of Tatarstan, earlier the Ministry of Finance of the region. Rustam Minnikhanov also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Tatneft.