Putin considers education a primary factor for full development of the person


RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers education a primary factor for full human development, education is secondary. This opinion he expressed at the meeting with the headmasters of graduation classes of schools.

“To gain knowledge is not easy, but it is still secondary compared to the education of the person, so that it properly belonged to himself and to his friends, to family, to Homeland, is absolutely fundamental things, and only on this basis that we can count on the fact that people became complete and he received satisfaction from life and the people around him would get the pleasure of communicating with him,” – said the head of state. He added that education including school teachers do.

Putin congratulated all the participants, their pupils and relatives of graduates on alumni Day. He noted that everyone remembers their prom, because this event is a long and laborious work.

The President proposed to discuss at the meeting on 21 June the problems of education and suggestions of teachers in order to tune the system to work more effectively.