NATO commented on the convergence of the F-16 with the plane Shoigu

NATO commented on the convergence of the F-16 with the plane Shoigu

BRUSSELS, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. NATO in connection with the convergence of a fighter of the Alliance with the aircraft, which was the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, announced that its pilots in such cases, this is just standard procedure and remain at a safe distance, said the representative of the Alliance.

“When any unknown aircraft approaching NATO airspace, NATO and national air force take to the skies to track these flights. Our actions were standard. Usually, when NATO planes intercepted the plane, they visually identificeret it, all the while keeping a safe distance”, — said the representative of NATO in a written reply to media queries in conjunction with information about the incident with the plane of the Russian Minister.

According to him, “at the end (procedures) NATO fighters just come off followed by the aircraft.” “It’s standard procedure, all our pilots behave in a safe and responsible manner”, — said the representative of the Alliance, on condition of anonymity.

However, he said that “last week, NATO tracked an unusually large number of Russian military aircraft over the Baltic sea”. “Among them were strategic bombers, fighters, reconnaissance aircraft, transport aircraft,” — he said.

Earlier it was reported that NATO aircraft tried to follow the Board Shoigu, the Minister ought to Kaliningrad over the neutral waters. The plane, which was Shoigu flew with an escort, consisting of su-27 naval aviation of the Baltic fleet.

One of the NATO aircraft tried to approach the Board of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation, but between him and the Russian airliner got up the Russian fighter escort of su-27. After that, NATO fighter retreated.

Su-27 was driven off by NATO fighter from the aircraft Shoigu