In the Kremlin told about the video of strikes against ISIS*, which Putin showed the stone



The entry of air strikes, demonstrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin Director Oliver stone actually belongs to the Russian defense Ministry, reports that the video shows action not Russian aviation, wrong and inappropriate, stated the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“It is not true (such a statement). Can confirm. The materials of the Ministry of defence is part of their report to the President. The defense Minister is presented to the President, and some part was demonstrated by President Oliver stone. Such assertions are incorrect and inappropriate,” — said Peskov on a question, whether can in the Kremlin confirm that on the record really shows the steps of Russian aviation.

On the question of who owns the mobile phone from which the President showed record, while Putin often mentioned that they did not use a cell phone, Peskov said: “One of the employees”.

When asked the employee what kind of Agency or authority belonged to the telephone, Peskov said: “Ensuring the work of the President”.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia