In France formed a new government

In France formed a new government

Became new head of the defense Ministry and the Ministry of justice of the country. To lead them will be Florence Parlee and Nicole Berube respectively.

PARIS, June 21. /TASS/. The French government formed in the new composition after the reshuffle following the results of parliamentary elections held on 18 June. The list of Ministers announced on Wednesday the General Secretary of the Elysee Palace, Alexis Kohler.

Permutation is worse than expected

Initially, the resignation of the Cabinet were of a technical nature, but due to several political scandals from the government of France was forced to withdraw from four Ministers who were replaced by other policies. A major scandal associated with the centrist party “Democratic movement”, which is one unit with a Pro-presidential Association “Republic March”. The management of “Dedizione” was suspected of fraud related to the creation of fictitious jobs, against which the Ministers representing the party in government, decided voluntarily to withdraw from Ministerial work.

Forced permutation in this case affected two key ministries. So, the leader of the centrist françois Bayrou, the head of the Ministry of justice was replaced by a member of the constitutional Council of the Republic, an experienced lawyer Nicole Berube. The resignation of Bairro especially sensitive for the President of France Emmanuel Makron, given that it was the support of the leader of “Dedizione” at the initial stage of the presidential campaign has become one of the key factors that led the new head of state to win the election.

At the head of the Ministry of justice, françois Bayrou was in addition mandated to develop a draft law “on the moralization of political life”, fulfilling one of the major campaign promises of Macron is to upgrade and rehabilitate the face of French politics. Announcing her exit from the government, Bayrou stressed that it is not “resignation”. “I’m just not going to participate in the next government,” he told reporters Wednesday, adding that the accusations against his party baseless, and it will all be proven in court.

In addition, the left government is one of the closest associates of Macron Richard Ferrand, were selected candidates for the Pro-presidential movement “the Republic on the March” and later received the post of Minister of territorial planning. Over the last month his reputation has been under attack for accusations of real estate fraud, and, pursuant to demand of the Macron to his Ministers to comply with the absolute perfection, he announced that he would not continue in the Cabinet. As expected, the Hoosiers will not leave the political and, most likely, will head fraction “of the Republic on the March” in the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament).

The successor Ferrand at the head of the Ministry of territorial became Jacques SAR, before that was the Minister of agriculture. He also replaced the head of the Ministry assigned, in turn, Stefan Traver — member of Natssobraniya and one of the companions of the Macron.

The new defense Minister

The permutation associated with the scandal around the center raised and the Ministry of defense. Worked at the head of the military Department only the month middle of the road, Sylvie Gular with Bayrou has decided to retire from the Cabinet. At the same time, respecting the principle of gender equality in the government, the Prime Minister retained the post of head of the Minister of the armed forces the woman to replace the Gular came Florence Parlee, who until recently worked at high managerial position in the national railway company of France is SNCF.

Parley already has experience in Ministerial work. From 2000 to 2002, she served as state Secretary for the budget in the socialist government headed by Lionel Jospin.

To help the parley in the leadership of the French defensive Department will be Genevieve Daruiesc. She was appointed to the newly created post of state Secretary under the Minister of the armed forces.

Le Drian remained at the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs

The Minister of European and foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian in new composition of the Cabinet, retained his post. Le Drian is the sole representative of the former government of the socialists, continued their work in the new Cabinet of Ministers under the authority of the right centrist Edouard Philippe. From 2012 to 2017, he held the post of Minister of defence of France, and made this post notable successes, including having signed several major contracts for the supply of French military equipment abroad.

Together with Le Drian to lead French diplomacy will Natalie Loiseau, appointed Minister for European Affairs with the foreign Minister. To date, Loiseau served as Director of the National school of administration — the most prestigious educational institutions of France, whose graduates form the basis of political and managerial class in the country.

It was another new face in the updated Cabinet of Edouard Philippe. Earlier this position was occupied by Mariel de Sarnez one of the co-chairs of the Democratic movement. Because of the scandal of their party, she, along with françois Bayrou and Sylvie Gular chose not to continue working in the government and passed to Parliament.

Most Ministers have kept the posts

With the exception of the forced reshuffle that affected four ministries, other significant changes in the government of Edouard Philippe has not undergone. the Ministry of internal Affairs was strengthened by the appointment of another Minister at the head of the interior Ministry. This position was entrusted to centriste Jacqueline Gulo. With it the number of Ministers has risen to 19 people.

In addition, the space in the Cabinet retained four Ministers of state. Their ranks, moreover, added another six secretaries of state that will assist in the work of the heads of the key ministries. All new Cabinet consists of 29 people, including 18 Ministers, 10 secretaries of state. The first Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of Macron will be held at the Elysee Palace on Thursday.

The Government Of Edouard Philippe

Center-right Edouard Philippe, until recently, held the post of mayor of the city of Le Havre in Northwest France, was appointed Prime Minister in may this year after the presidential election, a victory which was won by the leader of the movement “On the March” Emmanuel macron. His office took the authority of the government of the socialists who were in power from 2012 to 2017. In the first part of the Cabinet, Philip worked for about a month.

18 June, France was the second and decisive round of elections to the National Assembly — the lower house of Parliament. A convincing victory in them was gained by the Pro-presidential Association “Republic on the March”, which along with its allies-centrists of the Democratic movement won an absolute majority of seats in the new convocation Natssobraniya. The next day after the elections, Edouard Philippe, together with the government has resigned, immediately after which the President Emmanuel macron instructed him to form a new Cabinet.

Technical resignation of the government of the Republic immediately after the elections to the Parliament — not in the law, the political tradition in France. According to the Constitution of the Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers formed by the party of the parliamentary majority, and the Parliament has now elected a month after the presidential election. So far the vote in the parliamentary elections only confirmed the victory of the elected President, and the resignation of the government a month after its formation was only of a formal character.