Yeltsin has apologized for showing the children the short films with sex scenes

In Ekaterinburg “the Presidential center of Boris Yeltsin” (the Yeltsin center) children in the Swedish weeks showed a short film with scenes of sex Teens reports “Накануне.Ru”. In addition, the film was shown footage of Smoking and drinking alcohol.

A press-Secretary Yeltsin center Elena Volkova told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the entire program collection of movies intended for children have been marked as the program for the audience with no age restrictions (shown in the short film is the age limit 13+ — approx. “Of the”). “We apologize. We will be more careful to check all the movies partners,” — said the representative of the centre.

The incident caught the interest in the “Ural parent Committee”. Reports the management of the public Fund, fighting for the happiness of children, appealed to the Prosecutor’s office to conduct an audit.

The Yeltsin centre is not the first time appears in scandals. In March, its representatives had to explain because of the incident with the student, which the teacher is located in the center of the camp was forced to wash my mouth out with soap.

Institution, dedicated to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, opened in November 2015. The center has exhibition halls, an archive, library and Museum.