Tuleyev had surgery on the spine

Tuleyev had surgery on the spine

Kemerovo oblast administration reported on the status of health of the Governor of the region Aman Tuleyev.

“[The Governor] had an operation on my spine. Read more about his condition will be available during the press conference tomorrow”, — have informed “Interfax” in the press service of the regional administration.

The website of the Kemerovo region administration said that the head of the region went into a 10-day vacation on may 22, but in the end it Tuleyev has not publicly appeared, and his duties continued to fulfill the first Deputy Governor of Vladimir Chernov.

The administration first announced that the vacation is extended until 16 June and then on June 19, the vacation extended indefinitely. Media reports about the alleged serious illness Tuleyev has not officially commented.

On Tuesday, June 20, “Kommersant” wrote that the money was not coming back to work from vacation. According to the newspaper, important official to remain in office until July 1, to be Governor 20 years, and the Kremlin decided to go meet him. “Health Tuleyev did not inspire optimism, even when he was at the last gubernatorial elections in 2015”, — said the publication of the political scientist Vitaly Ivanov.

Tuleyev headed the region since 1997