The case of the “drunken boy”: the results of the examination and version of the father

The case of the “drunken boy”: the results of the examination and version of the father

Investigators have officially determined that the baby’s blood was alcohol, and now intend to find out the circumstances under which the child was drinking alcohol.

The investigative Committee confirmed that in the blood of six-year-old boy, who died under the wheels of the car in Balashikha, discovered alcohol. This is stated in the SC. Now the investigators are going to establish the circumstances of in vivo use by child alcohol.

Investigators of the regional investigative Committee was taken blood samples of the deceased with the installed alcohol and the molecular-genetic examination in the Main Department of criminalistics of investigatory Committee of Russia, according to which the blood belongs to a minor victim.The investigative Committee

In addition, examined the car involved in a criminal case about the accident in the cabin which detected and removed the traces of blood of the infant victim. “According to conclusions it is judicial-chemical examination, in a specified blood alcohol”, — is spoken in the message of SK.

That the results of the repeated is judicial-medical examination coincide with the first results, also the head of the interior Ministry, Vladimir Kolokoltsev. “As far as I know secondary result, it coincides with the first”, — said Kolokoltsev, according to Interfax. Recall that the first examination showed that the boy’s blood contained ethyl alcohol in an amount of 2.7 ppm.

However, the father of the deceased under the wheels of a boy believes that during the examination the child is able to inject alcohol directly into the liver. This “Газете.Ru” he said the boy’s father, Roman Shimko. Earlier Wednesday, he also spoke of the child that the results of the re-examination for the presence of blood will appear at the end of this week.

At the conclusion of the examination indicated that the respiratory tract is not burnt, slimy tongue isn’t burned and even in the urine there is no alcohol in the blood he took from somewhere. I think that it was deliberately injected into the liver.Roman Shimko

The doctor-psychiatrist Oleg Stetsenko, commenting on the version of the father of the child the shot in better, the publication said that theoretically, therefore, the experts could really add alcohol to the internal organs of the child, then to get a positive outcome of studies on alcohol. “I’m more inclined to believe the sloppiness of the mixed sample not washed the tube or device, but if you remove those versions, then Yes, alcohol could inject through a syringe,” he explained.

We will remind that on April 23, the woman behind the wheel of the Hyundai Solaris was shot down in the yard Balashikha six year old boy. As reported by the parents of the deceased, a medical examination showed that at the time of the accident the child was drunk — his blood was allegedly found by 2.7 ppm of alcohol, which corresponds to 0.5 liters of vodka.

Case on the fact of the accident and the death of the child was filed only the day before. “Against the driver who has brought down the child in Balashikha on April 23, a criminal case under article 264 of the Criminal code (violation of traffic rules, entailed death)”, — stated in the message of the Moscow Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Simultaneously, upon detection of intoxication the deceased boy had opened a case of negligence.