The Brussels terrorist was declared dead

The terrorist who has arranged explosion at the Central station of Brussels died of his wounds. It is reported by the newspaper Le Soir, citing the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium.

The publication writes that it is still not clarified the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the explosion.

The Agency France Presse, witnesses revealed that before the attack, the perpetrator shouted the traditional Islamic terrorists cry.

The evening of 20 June, Belgian media reported explosions and shooting in the train station on the Grand-place. This information was so controversial that it was not known how many criminals and what is their fate.

22 March 2016 in Brussels, had committed a series of terrorist attacks. Was attacked Zaventem airport and the metro station “Maalbeek”. The victims were 35 people, more than 300 were injured.

According to investigators, the metro explosive device detonated Khalid Batrawi, and the airport — his brother Ibrahim along with Ashrawi Najim, who was wanted in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.