Re-examination revealed alcohol in the body of the deceased in the suburbs baby

Re-examination revealed alcohol in the body of the deceased in the suburbs baby

According to the source, the blood of the boy confirms that the tested and control samples belong to him.

Moscow. June 21. INTERFAX.RU Repeated is judicial-medical examination has confirmed the fact of presence of high doses of alcohol in the body of a boy shot to death by a woman in the car in the suburbs, have informed “Interfax” on Wednesday a competent source.

“The results of repeated blood tests of the deceased child clearly indicate that the test and control samples belong to him, and they have a significant amount of alcohol”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Thus, he noted, signs of negligence in the actions of the expert who carried out the initial examination, does not appear.

The newsshot down in the suburbs 6-year-old boy admitted drunk Held after the accident examination showed that the amount of alcohol in the blood of a child allegedly corresponds to 0.5 liters of vodka

“In the exhumation of the boy to conduct another research need is also there, but the final decision on this procedure is still pending,” — said the source.

According to him, now experts find out, what kind of beverage and quantity consumed before the death of the child.

On 15 June, the press service of the Moscow Central Directorate of interior Ministry announced the initiation of a criminal case into the death in April of a six year old boy under the wheels of a car driven by 31-year-old woman in the yard of a house in zheleznodorozhnyy.

The report noted that she was charged with the traffic violation that caused the death.

Forensic experts concluded, according to which in the blood of the deceased boy contained 2.7 ppm of alcohol, which corresponds to a high degree of intoxication.

The latter fact has caused a public outcry and doubts about the results of the examination.