Poll: most Russians satisfied with Putin’s answers to


RIA Novosti

The majority of Russians who followed the “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, satisfied with the answers of the head of state on questions of citizens. This follows from the results of the poll, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Among the spectators and respondents who are familiar with the main topics of news were satisfied with Putin’s answers as a whole 88% (an increase from 76% in 2016). More than a third (39%) said that the whole conversation was of interest to them (28% in 2016), 36% was kinda a separate topic, another 9% found the presentation interesting, but too lengthy. Mostly negative impressions in 11%,” – said in the study.

According to VTSIOM, this year’s “direct line” with the President caused a record in 10 years, the interest of Russians. The survey showed that, in General, with its contents familiar to 66% of citizens and 11% of respondents watched it live from beginning to end.

Earlier it was reported that “a Direct line” with Putin had been viewed more than 6 million Russians.