NATO told about the support side Shoigu also praised the Russian pilots

NATO did not know that on Board the plane, which approached the F-16 Alliance, is the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. This was stated by the representative of the Alliance in an interview with TASS.

Earlier, NATO announced that the F-16 approached the air Board to identify it. At the same time, the Alliance noted that the actions of the pilot of the plane Shoigu and the Russian pilots gave the F-16 to bond with the Board, was professional and safe. RIA Novosti, in turn, reports that when the head of the Russian defense Ministry back, the aircraft of the Alliance was again accompanied him, however, attempts of rapprochement was taken.

The incident with the plane Shoigu in the sky above the neutral waters of the Baltic sea have occurred earlier on June 21. Aircraft of the countries — members of the Alliance tried to escort the liner of the Minister, EN route to Kaliningrad. When one of the fighters came closer, it appeared the Russian su-27 escort. Later a video was published of the incident.