In the Park “Patriot” will hold a red carpet

The participants of the regional outlet in Moscow Park “Patriot” will be on the red carpet. On the preparations for the event told the TV channel “360” Wednesday, June 21.

According to him, the technicians and engineers began to prepare the ground for the festivities earlier in the week. Experts still should establish the five art objects, one of which is the slogan of the festival “let’s Fly!”.

“The main theme of the event space. Slogan: “Fly!”, because they open all the way. The administration conducted a survey in schools asking what you want to see the graduates at the school dance,” — said technical Manager of the site Sergei Kharitonov.

In accordance with the results of the survey chose and performers, who will speak to graduates of the ninth and the eleventh classes on June 24. Among them — Basta, Yegor kreed and the ILO.

Head of Department of exhibition and Congress events of “Patriot” Anastasia Ignatenkov, in turn, said that the organizers have provided a scenario of events in case of rain: “If there is bad weather, if someone is tired, pavilion B is ready to take everyone in there seats, entertainment, entertainment”.

On 20 June it was reported that the start of the holiday will give the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. According to the latest data, to participate in it signed up nearly 27 thousand students.

How to write on the red carpet will also be a graduation in Moscow “Crocus city Hall”. Guests of the festival, which will take place on 23 June, waiting for the concert, fire show, fireworks and disco.