The Minister for the armed forces of France, resigned because of financial investigation

Sylvie Gular

The Minister for the armed forces of France, Sylvie Gular announced his resignation due to open in its relation to the preliminary investigation on suspicion of creating fictitious jobs. It is reported BFMTV.

Their decision policies motivated by a desire to demonstrate openness and good will in the conduct of the proceedings.

“The President pledged to restore trust in the society [to power], to reform France and to revive Europe. These common goals should take precedence over my personal interests. In this regard, I appealed to the head of state with a request to reassign me to the government”, — is spoken in the statement.

A preliminary investigation in relation to the policy was opened by the Prosecutor’s office on 9 June. In law enforcement bodies of France received a statement from a man who claims that in 2010 was listed as assistant Gular in the European Parliament the EP, received a salary, but never fulfilled the relevant functions. According to the testimony of an unnamed informant, in total there were 12 of fictitious assistants.

In the same case, is the Minister in charge of European Affairs under the Minister for European Union Affairs and foreign Affairs Mariel de Sarnez. However, it is about his desire to leave the government until claimed.

Both politicians were appointed to their posts may 17, 2017, after entry into the position of President of Emmanuel Macron. 11 and 18 June in France held parliamentary elections in which the majority in the legislature were supporters of the President. According to French law, after the parliamentary elections the government resigns and re-formed.

In 2009, Gular was elected a member of the European Parliament (EP) from the French parties Democratic movement (MoDem).