The media learned about the plan of the state Department to build relations with Russia

Rex Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has prepared a plan for building relations with Russia, said portal BuzzFeed with reference to a secret document.

The plan consists of three points. First, it is emphasized that the aggressive actions against the United States — “subject and counter-productive for both sides.” In particular, mentioned attributed to Russia sending weapons to the Afghan Taliban or the harassment of American diplomats in Moscow.

The second point involves work on the issues of the US strategic interest. These include the civil war in Syria, quickly realized the DPRK’s nuclear programme, cyber security and cyber espionage. In particular, Tillerson expects that Russia will not increase the volume of trade with Pyongyang after China managed to achieve a ban on the import of coal from North Korea.

The third section of the plan devoted to the need to achieve “strategic stability”, which means “the number of long-term mutual political goals”, says the publication.

“Right now relations between the US and Russia are in the gutter, said the state Department official familiar with the plan. — We want to be sure that they will not have been flushed”.