Putin is concerned about the falling birth rate


RIA Novosti

In Russia — the decline in the birth rate. Only for the first four months of the year the country was born at 68 thousand 700 children less than in the same period of 2016. Vladimir Putin is concerned about this decline. The Russian President did not rule out improvement of the system of social benefits for families with children.

The head of the Russian state said at a meeting on social issues that the President convened in the first half of the 19th June, reports “Interfax”.

Putin explained that the catastrophic decline in the birth rate during the great Patriotic war led to the decline in the number of those born at the turn of the 1970-ies. Putin stressed that now in the age of childbearing has entered a reduced generation difficult 1990s years.

Thanks to the support measures to the Russian authorities managed for a few years to delay the inevitable decline in the birth rate, it is significantly smooth. In addition, according to Putin, the Russian government has taken effective measures to support the birth rate and reducing mortality have achieved breakthrough results aimed at overcoming the existing demographic problems.

The President of Russia urged to solve problems in the field of demography, to maintain and develop mechanisms to enhance fertility, which have proved their effectiveness.

At a meeting on demographic policy, Putin proposed to prepare a programme for the creation of new places in nurseries, as previously done in kindergartens. In addition, it is necessary to perform further development of the program of granting of the parent capital. Necessary and additional measures to provide housing for families with children, as well as tuning and improving the system of social benefits for families with children.

“The issue of demography the most important, defining the country’s development for decades to come. We have and will continue to conduct an active policy by providing the necessary resources, — said Putin. Resources are always scarce, but we must define the priorities. The preservation of the population, support the birth rate is one of the most important priorities in our work.”