Putin is concerned about the falling birth rate

Photo: RIA Novosti In Russia — the decline in the birth rate. Only for the first four months of the year the country was born at 68 thousand 700 children less than in the same period of 2016. Vladimir Putin is concerned about this decline. The Russian President did not rule out improvement of the system of social benefits for families with children. The head of the Russian state said at a meeting on social issues that the President convened in the first half of the 19th June, reports “Interfax”. Putin explained that the catastrophic decline in the birth rate during the great Patriotic war led to the decline in the number of those born at the turn of the 1970-ies. Putin stressed that now in the age of childbearing has entered a reduced generation difficult 1990s years. Thanks to the support measures to the Russian authorities managed for a

Became the figurant of four criminal cases, the head of Cheboksary dismissed

Irina Klementieva Cheboksary city meeting of deputies terminate the powers of the head of the municipality Irina Klementieva, which is suspected of excess of powers of office. This was reported on the website of the legislature on Tuesday, June 20. It is noted that Klementyev has filed a resignation at own will. The powers of gradonacelnika moved her Deputy Nikolai Vladimirov. 16 Jun Klementyev was placed under house arrest. On the same day, according to Regnum, it became known that concerning the woman opened two more criminal cases on the fact of abuse of authority. On the first criminal case under the same article it was reported on may 18. According to investigators, Klementyev, in particular, in violation of the law has sold a plot of land with an area of more than 1.7 thousand square meters of the mother of the chief accountant of the insurance company for 1.5

Indian authorities advised pregnant women to abstain from meat and thoughts about sex

The government of India advised pregnant women not to eat meat and eggs, and to refrain from thinking about sex. About it reports The Guardian with reference to the booklet “Care for mother and child”, issued by the Ministry dealing with promotion of traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine. According to doctors, this advice is very dangerous for expectant mothers. “The government gives pseudo-scientific and irrational tips instead to provide pregnant women with nutritious food with high protein content”, — commented on the decision of the Indian authorities gynecologist Arun Gadre. He added that the authorities had ignored the advice of doctors that women must eat meat, which is rich in protein, and also the resolution to enter into an intimate relationship, not fearing for the health of the child. In the booklet, in particular, stating that pregnant women should refrain from “anger, hate and lust.” Minister for the development of

Attacked police in Paris died of suffocation

Attacked police in Paris died of suffocation Man attacked on the eve of the gendarmes in Paris, died of suffocation. It is reported by channel BFMTV, referring to forensics. Earlier it became known that 31-year-old attacker came into the view of intelligence as potentially dangerous Islamists. June 19 on the Champs Elysees in the centre of the French capital, the man who drove the car crashed into the van of the gendarmerie. None of the law enforcement officers has not suffered. After collision the car of the attacker on fire. From driving a person was found a gun with ammo and a gas cylinder. The Minister of internal Affairs of France Gerard Colomb qualified the incident as an attempted terrorist attack. June 6 on the square in front of the Notre Dame 40-year-old Moroccan, armed with a hammer and a knife, attacked a patrol. His partner opened fire and wounded

Eyewitnesses told of the destruction of a suicide bomber at a train station in Brussels

Eyewitnesses told of the destruction of a suicide bomber at a train station in Brussels Moscow. June 20. INTERFAX.RU — Belgian media are hot on the trail transmit information about the incident at the Central station of Brussels, converge in the reports that the alleged terrorist was destroyed and the situation is under control. With reference to eyewitnesses reported that a man with a backpack and a “suicide belt” was first seriously injured and then killed by servicemen. He managed to put in action the explosive device near the box office in the lobby of the station, when he saw that the attention of a patrol of soldiers facing him. He heard a small explosion. Then was cordoned off and released to the public Central railway station, metro station and located next to the historic Grand place. Nearby shops and restaurants were ordered to close. #Breaking #Belgium #BruxellesAmbulances arrived some

Media: the police neutralized the man with explosives at the Central station of Brussels

Media: the police neutralized the man with explosives at the Central station of Brussels BRUSSELS, June 20. /Offset. TASS Denis Dubrovin/. The police neutralized the man with the explosive belt at the Central station of Brussels. This was announced on Tuesday, the TV channel RTBF. Police evacuated the centre of Brussels, the Grand place, a few nearby streets and Grand Central terminal, the correspondent of TASS from the event. #Breaking #Belgium #BruxellesArea near the station sealed off by police. pic.twitter.com/1azyZkMSPx — Von Kiramer (@Alvin_Sec) 20 Jun 2017 A few minutes before this, there were several loud POPs, like gunshots. The area was empty just a few minutes, the visitors left for all nearby establishments, police encouraged citizens to go to the nearby metro stations. #Breaking #Belgium #Bruxelles:Pictures from inside and outside the station. pic.twitter.com/Hetx5xXatU — Von Kiramer (@Alvin_Sec) 20 Jun 2017 #Bruxelles military arrive at the station #GareCentrale pic.twitter.com/zqm9Wmwq7E —

The international coalition reported the destruction of “Grand mufti” IG

The international coalition reported the destruction of “Grand mufti” IG BBC the US-led coalition eliminated the spiritual leader of grouping “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) Turki al-Binali, Reuters reports citing the statement of the coalition. The report stated that it was destroyed in the airstrike, which targeted the city of Mayadin in Syria 31 may, says Fox News. According to the international coalition, Turki al-Binali was one of the closest associates of the head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and as part of a terrorist organization was responsible for recruiting new members and advocacy. The Supreme ecclesiastic of the IG he was in 2014. In his speech, he repeatedly called for the killing of innocent people, the statement said. That the IG confirmed the death of their spiritual leader Turki al-Binali after the RAID of the international coalition forces, June 1, reported TV channel Al Arabia. On 16

The Pentagon did not rule out the possibility of supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons

The Pentagon did not rule out the possibility of supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons WASHINGTON, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis on Tuesday did not rule out a situation in which the United States can begin supplying lethal arms to Ukraine. “We didn’t provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons in the past, but do not exclude such an option in the future,” he told reporters. In early may, the U.S. Senate has approved the draft Federal budget until September 30, 2017, which continues to provide financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of not less than 410 million 456 thousand US dollars, including for the provision of military support. It is noted that the Pentagon can spend $ 150 million to “provide assistance, including (military) training equipment, lethal weapons for defense purposes, assistance in logistics” and “using intelligence to military and national security forces of

Russian military action in Syria does not cause fear in the Pentagon

Russian military action in Syria does not cause fear in the Pentagon WASHINGTON, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Russian military action in Syria does not raise any concern from the Pentagon, said Tuesday the official representative of the U.S. Department Jeff Davis. “We have not seen the Russian military any action that would cause us concern. We continue to act (in Syria), and taking appropriate precautions,” he said.