In the Mediterranean sea has been missing more than 120 migrants

In the Mediterranean sea has been missing more than 120 migrants

ROME, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. More than 120 migrants were reported missing in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea, said Monday the international organization for migration.

“Evidence collected in Palermo by the staff of the IOM, saying that the wreck of a ship in the Mediterranean could lead to the death of 126 migrants at the weekend,”, — wrote the representative of the IOM’s Flavio Di Giacomo.

According to testimonies gathered today in Palermo by IOM staff,a shipwreck in the Med may have caused the death of 126 migrants last w/end

— Flavio Di Giacomo (@fladig) 19 Jun 2017

According to Sicilian media, the shipwreck occurred in the night from Thursday on Friday off the coast of Libya, about it employees of the international organization said the two Sudanese who were rescued and taken to the port of Palermo.

In addition to the Sudanese people managed to escape the two Nigerians. Inflatable boat, according to them, sank after it caught up with Libyan carriers of migrants and robbed its passengers of the motor.

For the past four days, in the period from Thursday to Sunday, in the waters of the Mediterranean sea assistance was provided to more than 4.5 thousands of migrants, the Italian coast guard.

Since the beginning of this year in the Mediterranean sea in Europe was attended by more than 77 thousands of migrants and refugees according to the International organization for migration. 1828 people trying to cross the Mediterranean sea died.

According to the interior Ministry of Italy, for the past year in the country across the Mediterranean sea came a record number of immigrants — more than 181 thousand people. Since the beginning of this year on the coast landed more than 62 thousand migrants, which exceeds the same period last year by 17%.